Thalapathy Vijay officially announces his party: “Politics is not just another career for me, it is a sacred, peoples work.â€

Thalapathy Vijay’s political entry is one of the most anticipated moments in his career. He has been expressing his interest in politics since his earlier days and converted his fan clubs into ‘Makkal Iyakkam’ for the same. After a long wait, the actor has officially announced his political entry with his new party’s name. It is super viral on the internet.

Thalapathy Vijay’s political party is named ‘Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam’ (TVK). The VMI administrators are in Delhi today to register the party with the National Election Commission. The actor put out an official statement as a preface to his political journey in which he confirmed that he will be concentrating on politics entirely after his pending cinema commitments.

Vijay’s statement says: “My humble regards to all dear people of Tamil Nadu,

As you all know the ‘Vijay Makkal Iyakkam’ has been doing various welfare schemes, social services and relief assistance to the best of its ability for many years. However, it is impossible for a voluntary organization alone to bring about complete social, economic and political reforms. It requires political power. You are all aware of the current political climate. Administrative malpractices and ‘corrupt political culture’ on the one hand, and ‘divisive political culture’ which strives to divide our people based on caste and religion, on the other hand, are full of obstacles to our unity and progress. It is a fact that everyone especially in Tamil Nadu is yearning for a fundamental political change that can lead to a selfless, transparent, caste-free, visionary, corruption-free efficient administration. Most importantly, such a polity should be subject to our Indian constitution, based on the state rights of Tamil Nadu, and should be based on the egalitarian principle of “Pirappokkum Ella Uyirkkum” (All are equal by birth). Such a fundamental political change can only be made possible by a people’s power that has the unanimous admiration and love of the people.

In these circumstances, my long-term intention and wish is to help the people of Tamilnadu and the Tamil community, who gave me name, fame and everything after my parents, as far as I can. “Enni Thuniga Karumam” is Thiruvalluvar’s words. Accordingly, a political party led by me has been started under the name “Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam” and an application has been made today on behalf of our party to register with the Chief Election Commission of India. Earlier on 25.01.2024 in the State General Committee and Executive Committee meeting held in Chennai, the President and Chief Secretariat Executives of the party were elected and the party’s constitution and bylaws were duly approved and accepted by all General Committee members. Our goal is to contest and win the upcoming 2026 assembly elections and lead to the fundamental political change that people want. After receiving the approval of the Election Commission, our political journey for the people of Tamil Nadu will begin with public meeting events, presenting our party’s policies, principles, flag, symbol and programs for the success of Tamil Nadu-related policies and the upliftment of the people of Tamil Nadu. In the interim period, the tasks of politicizing the volunteers of our party and bringing them to a ready position in an organizational manner, democratically electing responsible people under the rules of the party and strengthening the infrastructure will be actively implemented.

We have applied for our party registration taking into account the approval of the Election Commission and the time required for the party expansion work. I humbly state here that it has been decided in the general body and executive committee that we will not contest in the coming 2024 parliamentary elections and we do not support any party. Finally, politics is not just another career for me; It is a sacred, people’s work. To know not only the height of politics but also its length and width, I have been preparing myself for it for a long time by studying lessons from many of us. So politics is not a hobby for me; That is my deepest desire. I want to fully involve myself in it. On my behalf, I am going to complete another film-related commitment that I have already agreed to, without interfering with party work, and fully engage in politics for the service of the people. I consider that as my debt of gratitude to the people of Tamil Nadu. Thank you. From Your Vijay.”

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— Vijay (@actorvijay) February 2, 2024

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