We all know that Suriya and Vetrimaaran joined forces back in 2018 for the ambitious project, ‘Vaadivaasal’, which is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. The project produced by Kalaippuli S Thanu’s V Creations hasn’t commenced yet.

In 2019, a concept poster was unveiled by the makers. Then, Suriya started petting some bulls to act with them in the film. The team completed a test shoot in 2023 and launched a promo teaser from it. However, the filming has been constantly delayed due to Vetrimaaran’s ‘Viduthalai’ saga.

The renowned maker is all set to complete ‘Viduthalai 2’ by this year and is expected to start ‘Vaadivaasal’ right after. But as per the latest reports, Vetrimaaran is said to direct Thalapathy Vijay in ‘Thalapathy 69’, his last film before his political entry. Given this situation, rumours broke out today that Suriya is planning to opt out of this project as his film slate is filled with various exciting projects.

Also, the rift between the Suriya family and director Ameer is said to be another reason as Vetrimaaran is stern to cast Ameer in ‘Vaadivaasal’ for a pivotal role. Dhanush, who has worked with Vetrimaaran three times, is said to replace Suriya. However, it is said that these speculations are baseless and Vetrimaaran is clear about starting ‘Vaadivaasal’ after ‘Viduthalai 2’ release.

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