Director H. Vinoth has been witnessing an interesting evolution in his association with the film industry, and more is to happen in quick succession. First, there was a buzz about him having to do the movie “Kamal 233” with the legendary actor Kamal Haasan. However, after much anticipation, the project seemingly hit a roadblock, with rumors alluding to its possible shelving.

Notably, H. Vinoth was solely involved with “Kamal 233” for almost a year before he announced his next film. There were, therefore, speculations about his subsequent directorial work, which included one with leading actor Vijay in the film “Talapati 69.” There had been no official announcement confirming that rumor.

Amid all this uncertainty, reports started doing the rounds that H. Vinoth has also walked out of both the Kamal Haasan and Vijay projects. Instead, there were murmurs that his next target is Dhanush, an acclaimed actor known for his diversification. Earlier, Dhanush had expressed his interest in working under H. Vinoth whenever he got a chance.

Dhanush is currently busy with a project directed by Shekhar Kammula. At the end of this project, it’s likely that Dhanush will pair up with H. Vinoth for their rumored movie together. Though the details of the movie are under wraps, it is expected that, with the combination of Dhanush and H. Vinoth, a fresh style in Indian cinema will arise.

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