Aditya Narayan row: Student whose phone was thrown finally reveals entire incident

Aditya Narayan row: Student whose phone was thrown finally reveals entire incident

The student whose phone was thrown away by singer Aditya Narayan has finally opened up on the controversial incident and shared what exactly happened during the concert in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Narrating the entire incident, the student identified as Lovkesh Chandravanshi, a third year BSc student at Rungta College stated that he only wanted a selfie like every other fan. However, Aditya got angry for no reason and threw away his phone.

“Whatever happened was so sudden. I was standing in front of the stage. He was performing and also taking everyone’s phones and clicking selfies. I was right by the stage and so I also gave my phone to him for a selfie. But, he hit my hand with his mic and then threw away my phone into the crowd for no reason,” Lovkesh was quoted by Zoom.

People who desire fame and have become famous with their parents’ legacy clearly don’t know how to honor it.

It’s such a disgrace to see them act so inhumanely towards their fans, who have made them what they are today.#Adityanarayan

— Paurush Sharma (@paurushsh) February 13, 2024

He continued, “My brother was standing next to me too. Aditya is a huge star and we love him that is why we went there. He was taking selfies with everyone so I thought he would take with me too that’s why I gave him my phone.”

“He should have not done what he did to me even if it was some other student. We are all his fans and we love him a lot and that’s why we had gone to his concert. Hamare yahan kalakaron ki kami nahin hai vaise,” he added.

After receiving a lot of backlash online, Aditya snubbed when asked about the incident and said, “Honestly, no comments. I am answerable to the Almighty. That’s all.”

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