Rashmika Mandanna had an adrenaline-pumping moment on board a Mumbai-Hyderabad flight recently. In what came as a technical snag, the aircraft was flown back to Mumbai for an emergency landing after a technical snag. Mandanna, best known for her films in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, thanked the pilot for his timely intervention and rescue skills that prevented a mishap and saved all on board.

Mandanna, in her post, narrated moments of fear in the aircraft, including her own scare and that of actress Shraddha Das sitting beside her. She further said that she had thanked God for their safe escape and commended the pilot for the care he displayed for the situation. A photo attached to the post has now gone viral, which shows Mandhana and Kapoor smiling, thereby pointing out their relieved looks after the ordeal.

Mandanna’s case highlights the importance of pilots in terms of passenger safety. This public appreciation of the pilot’s expertise is proving to be a hit, with many appreciating and supporting it on a large scale online. It helps underscore, very positively, the need for measured and professional responses in the face of unforeseen technical problems and actually the very considerable gratitude felt by passengers towards those whose first concern is, and remains, the consideration of their safety.

So, what exactly the problem was is still unknown, but Mandanna’s account points to the very fact that responsible piloting counts greatly for passenger safety. The shared picture is a testimony to the collective sigh of relief and appreciation by all passengers for their pilot for handling the situation in an outstanding manner.

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