We all know about the mayhem caused by former AIADMK functionary AV Raju owing to his malicious statement linking actress Trisha to the Koovathur Resort incident in 2017. The heroine responded that she will deal with the issue legally while many celebrities came in support of her including the FEFSI.

Now, the hot news is that Mansoor Ali Khan took Trisha’s side in this issue and supported her. He said in an interview, “The derogatory comment about actress Trisha is severely condemnable. It hurts my heart to see someone speak badly about a fellow actress like this. Such speeches are dangerous, obnoxious and will affect society. Someone has criticized the sisters of the film industry in the guise of politics. Action should be taken against the person who spoke like this.”

This is now going viral on the internet. It is worth mentioning that Mansoor Ali Khan faced heavy backlash a few months ago when he made a vulgar comment about acting with her. That issue came to an end when Mansoor Ali Khan apologised and Trisha accepted it. Now, he has supported the actress in this issue.

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