Sylvester Stallone is also following in the footsteps of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s departure from the Golden State. As for “Rocky” actor Sylvester, he joined Jennifer following the departure of their three daughters, Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia, from their family nest to move to Florida. So, after this big change, Jennifer wanted another one, and he finally agreed with her.

Their relocation to Florida comes after months of trying to make things work after Jennifer’s divorce filing in August 2022. Just last month, the two had worked out that matters needed to be settled and would move forward as men and women with no decrees in their hands. Sylvester lamented that it was difficult to leave California to pursue the relationship, the child he has in the area, and all the work done there. However, he will stand by Jennifer and her need for life experiences.

Their move to Florida will also put them in the company of other big names, such as Fox News presenter Sean Hannity and football icon Lionel Messi, among others. People are always looking for something interesting enough to keep them talking, and currently, the biggest talk is about the three cities in Florida: Tampa, Cape Coral, and Orlando.

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