The Kollywood film industry has been witnessing a ray of new-found talent, with many star kids making their debuts and doing so well that they almost touched the sky. A newcomer has captured everyone’s attention not just because he is a star kid, but also due to the unique way he entered the film industry.

Yatra, son of Dhanush, would be making his debut in ‘Rayaan,’ a film directed by the legend, and was also taking on the mantle to act in it. The first look posters released by Dhanush created a buzz on the internet. That’s Yatra setting himself unique—not just the usual actor debut but instead giving a surprise in the roles played by his debut film, which is as a cinematographer.

Yatra, though introduced as an actor, had no interest in acting. Rather, he has decided to explore his passion for cinematography and has entered cinematography through ‘Rayaan.’ The team had earlier kept the name of the person who would be heading cinematography, but it has now come to be known that Yatra has undertaken this most responsible position.

With such an unconventional debut, surely fans and many people from the respective industries are curious about this exception and would love to see how else he is going to allure viewers on the big screen. “Rayaan” marks the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for Yatra in the world of cinema.

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