Madurai High Court passes judgement in the paternity case involving actor Dhanush!

We all know that versatile actor Dhanush was caught up in a paternity case filed by an old couple a few years ago. Kathiresan and his wife from Melur, Madurai filed a case claiming that the actor is their son who left home in Class 11 to pursue acting. They sought a monthly maintenance of Rs 65,000 from Dhanush.

The Chennai High Court dismissed the case filed by the couple in Melur Court when Dhanush’s side responded with a legal notice. Karthiresan stated that the actor dismissed the case using fake documents and went on to file a petition in the Madurai High Court. This case has been heard in the Madurai High Court for the past few months.

Now, the Madurai High Court has passed a judgement in this case. The verdict says that the petitioner filed this petition with ulterior motives and also failed to file proper evidence to prove the allegations. The judge dismissed the case as frivolous. This news is doing rounds among the fans now.

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