Leading in his next film, a formula racing story called “F1,” Brad Pitt is Under the direction of Joseph Kosinski, well-known for “Top Gun: Maverick,” the film’s Sunday premiere highlighted a fierce racing story in its trailer.

The trailer opens with Kerry Condon’s character and Pitt’s character, a retired driver making a comeback engaged in conversation. Pitt’s character stresses the need of “building our car for combat,” to which Condon’s character reacts with alarm and queries, “How am I supposed to make that safe?” Pitt’s response, “Who said anything about safe?” defines the intensity of the next passages. Pitt’s character takes the wheel for a competitive race at the end of the clip, which shows exciting views of race cars whirling around the circuit. Release of “F1” is scheduled for June 27, 2025.

Pitt and his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, were spotted at the Silverstone Circuit in Northampton, England, during the F1 race over the weekend. Pitt looked laid back in a white top, bright yellow zip-up hoodie, aviator sunglasses, and a patterned bucket hat as the couple meandered around the paddack. De Ramon matched him in a long-sleeved, baby blue dress worn with a gold pendant necklace.

Apple TV+ recently revealed that real Grand Prix weekends were used for “F1” production, therefore capturing the authenticity of professional racers on the track.

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