The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) recently faced a significant decision that raised eyebrows across the cricketing world. They declined a whopping offer of Rs 50 crores ahead of the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023. Wankhede Stadium, one of the prestigious venues hosting the tournament, has already raked in over Rs 100 crores through hospitality box sales. The MCA, however, had yet another lucrative offer on the table, involving Level 2 of the Vithal Divecha Pavilion. In a surprising turn of events, they chose to walk away from the potential windfall.

Preparations are fully on at the Wankhede Stadium ahead of the 2023 World Cup.
— Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) August 19, 2023

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The Lucrative Offer

According to the Times of India, two corporate giants, DreamSetGo and Cutting Edge, came forward with a remarkable proposition: Rs 50 crores in exchange for three exclusive hospitality boxes. These boxes, each accommodating 18 seats, were complemented by a spacious foyer area. The proposed agreement was set for a decade-long partnership.

Tradition vs. Revenue

The Vithal Divecha Pavilion, steeped in tradition, has been a sanctuary for MCA members for years. While the revenue generated from hospitality box sales undoubtedly benefits Mumbai Cricket, concerns arose within the MCA membership. Some worried that if these boxes were sold, MCA members might find it challenging to secure tickets for the World Cup matches.

Member Benefits and Resolution

As per a resolution passed during the 2013 Annual General Meeting, MCA members are entitled to a minimum of ten tickets during IPL matches, which includes two tickets for the MCA Pavilion and two for the Vithal Divecha Stand Level 2. This resolution became a focal point of discussion regarding the recent offer.

A source revealed, “We didn’t invite the tender for this only. On Monday, a few members of the MCA’s Apex Council met President Amol Kale in this regard, and it was unanimously decided that these particular seats will be kept for the members only.”

Important Ticket Information

For cricket enthusiasts planning to attend World Cup 2023 matches at Wankhede Stadium, it’s crucial to mark these dates:

August 25: Non-India warm-up matches and all non-India event matches
August 30: India matches at Guwahati and Trivandrum
August 31: India matches at Chennai, Delhi, and Pune
September 1: India matches at Dharamsala, Lucknow, and Mumbai
September 2: India matches at Bengaluru and Kolkata
September 3: India matches at Ahmedabad
September 15: Semi-Finals and Final

World Cup 2023 Matches at Wankhede Stadium

Cricket aficionados can expect some thrilling encounters at Wankhede Stadium during the ICC World Cup 2023:

Match 22 (October 21, Saturday): England vs. South Africa at 2:00 PM
Match 25 (October 24, Tuesday): South Africa vs. Bangladesh at 2:00 PM
Match 35 (November 2, Thursday): India vs. Sri Lanka at 2:00 PM
Match 41 (November 7, Tuesday): Australia vs. Afghanistan at 2:00 PM
Semi-Final 1 (November 15, Wednesday): 1st vs. 4th at 2:00 PM

In a surprising turn of events, the MCA’s decision to preserve tradition over a massive financial windfall has stirred conversations about the balance between heritage and revenue in the world of cricket. Cricket fans worldwide will be keenly watching the upcoming World Cup matches at the iconic Wankhede Stadium, eager to witness history unfold.

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