Selena Gomez is back with a new one called “Single Soon, which dropped on August 25th. The track celebrates being single and even has an adorable appearance by her ten-year-old sister, Gracie Teefey, in it. Words of encouragement are spoken in the music video by Gomez’s older sister, who leaves a voicemail for her, telling her not to worry about boyfriends. Lyrics reflect ending a relationship and becoming independent as they ponder how to break up over the phone or just fade away.

Despite the 10-year age difference between Selena and Gracie as sisters, their bond is evident. They share such moments as going on sister dates or walking the red carpet romantically arm-in-arm with one another. Selena tends to post pictures of Gracie on social media a lot, as well as giving her encouragement to be bold and strong. At the Golden Globe Awards, their closeness was shown when they posed together for photos. Real moments, such as re-enacting scenes from TV sitcoms, show so much about them connecting with each other.

Selena recently shared everyday snaps on her Instagram Story, giving a glimpse of their down-to-earth dynamic. Their closeness shines through even in the little things that they do, making their sisterly relationship something truly heartwarming.

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