The sour relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is now further entangled due to a long-winded legal battle over their Miraval winery in France. That fight – whose nastiness spoiled the celebrities’ divorce proceedings – made Jolie step back from the project, RadarOnline has learned in a newly revealed email from her to Pitt dated Jan. 2021. According to private emails obtained by Newsweek’s sister publication, the merging of personal and professional lives was evident in that message:

In her email, Jolie wrote about how she realized that the winery took over where their family’s well-being and values should be. Miraval, which was intended as a family venture, lost its focus amidst their divorce. The email told how the winery was initially envisioned to be a place for special moments and events, which gained importance when the couple married there and twins were born there.

Jolie outlined how her original aim for Miraval to symbolize harmony changed. Pitt’s evident desire for her to go away highlighted the divide between them. She quoted several examples of instances where even she had been disregarded, resulting in negative outcomes. The email also mentioned that marketing images of the winery were not appropriate for their children.

Jolie’s discomfort with the alcohol industry, due to her family’s struggle with alcoholism, prompted her departure. She suggested selling her stake or having Pitt hold it as she wrestled with her involvement. Though she resigned, she still wished that success was bought for Pitt and hoped a different connection came out of their children. The email was signed “Regretfully, Angie” and reflected on such a painful choice.

Jolie sold off her share to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler’s Tenute del Mondo in October 2021. Pitt evidently got wind of it from media reports. The wine purchase that had taken place way back in 2008 led to legal misunderstandings, and Pitt sued Jolie over the sale, considering it a violation of their agreement. According to Jolie’s counterclaim, she did not acknowledge any such pact.

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