Sep 01, 2023 05:52 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi said there are differences among INDIA leaders but their ties are becoming stronger with increased flexibility.

PM Modi and the BJP are a nexus of corruption and that is the first time the INDIA alliance will demonstrate and prove, Rahul Gandhi said as the two-day meeting of the opposition alliance in Mumbai concluded. It is impossible for the BJP to win the election as the opposition stage, Rahul Gandhi said, represents 60% of the Indian population. “So the task in front of us is to come together in the most efficient way possible. And two major steps have been taken in this regard — a coordination committee and that we will expedite all seat-sharing discussions. These are two powerful steps in ensuring that the INDIA alliance defeats the BJP,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi addressing the press conference after the two-day opposition alliance meeting in Mumbai ended.
Rahul Gandhi addressing the press conference after the two-day opposition alliance meeting in Mumbai ended.

INDIA meet in Mumbai: Here’s what happened

“The idea behind Prime Minister Modi’s government is to extract money from the poor people and transfer it to a limited few. So we are going to propose a clear path, a development path, a clear set of ideas that will once again involve the poor people, the farmers, the workers in the progress of this country,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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‘Real work of alliance is…’: Rahul Gandhi addresses ‘conflict’ reports

“There are many leaders who are much more senior to me here…the real work in this alliance is the relationships that are forged between the leaders of this alliance. I can say with confidence that these meetings have done a huge to build rapport among the leaders. I can see that there is flexibility among all the leaders in the way we are approaching things. There are differences but I am impressed to see how these differences are being minimised and ironed out,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi on China

“I spent a week in Ladakh. I went to Pangong Lake right in front of where the Chinese are. I had a detailed discussion, probably the most detailed discussion any politician outside Ladakh has had with the people of Ladakh. And specifically, the shepherds of Pangong Lake, the leaders of Pangong Lake and the people who live around Pangong Lake categorically told me that China has taken Indian land. They categorically told me that PM Modi is lying that China has not taken Indian land. There is clearly an accommodation that has happened between the government and the Chinese. There is clearly a change in the borders. Our shepherds told me that they are not being allowed into the area where they were earlier allowed. What happened in Ladakh is extremely shameful,” Rahul Gandhi said.


    Poulomi Ghosh is a journalist with Hindustan Times, New Delhi.

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