Former WWE rivals Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and John Cena surprised the fans by reuniting backstage during WWE SmackDown at the Ball Arena in Denver. This unexpected reunion was caught in a video shared on the official platform of WWE, X (formerly Twitter).

The video then shows sports analyst Pat McAfee ending a banter with the 51-year-old Johnson. After shaking hands, McAfee points out the person behind Johnson in a similar wrestling catchphrase by Cena: “You can’t see me.” After which, the camera pans around, and the viewers can clearly see Cena, 46, standing right behind Johnson with his hands joined behind his back. The audience cheers up when Johnson, who was keeping a straight face at first, reciprocates the gesture by smiling warmly at his former wrestling foe.

They try so hard to maintain their poker face but cannot help smiling. Johnson says through a joke, “I see you trying to smile!” The two men nod in agreement, and Cena reaches out for a handshake while rehabilitating Johnson into the story. They hug each other, and the whole crowd freaking roars with cheers.

The emotional reunion left fans very happy since most of them would love to see the two friends having fun even after years of being enemies. The two fans meeting after many years gave some sort of nostalgia to the fans, who needed something positive during the Hollywood labour strikes.

Afterwards, they became professional enemies who would entertain WWE fans. This was an issue of the A&E series WWE Rivals, which detailed their legendary confrontations and fierce rivalries on television.

Cena did an interview recently in which he said that he respected Johnson’s successes in life and that he hoped Johnson would come back to the ring one day. Cena said that Johnson should do what is best for him, as he is one of the best performers in sports entertainment history.

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