In the world of cricket, where rivalries often take centre stage, a heartwarming story of family reunification is emerging as one of the most compelling narratives ahead of the India-Pakistan World Cup match on October 14 in Ahmedabad. Liyakat Khan, a retired Block Development Officer from Haryana’s Nuh district, is eagerly awaiting this epic clash, not just for the cricketing spectacle it promises but for a deeply personal reason – he will finally get to hold his two-year-old granddaughter in his arms for the very first time.

Hasan Ali’s father-in-law set to reunite with his daughter and grandchild after four years during the India-Pakistan match in Ahmedabad.#HasanAli #Hasan #Cricket #Pakistan #India #ICCCricketWorldCup #Ahmedabad
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The Long-Awaited Reunion

For Khan, it has been a long and emotional journey. His daughter, Samiya Arzoo, tied the knot with Pakistani pacer Hasan Ali in Dubai back in 2019. Since then, Samiya hasn’t been able to visit her homeland due to various circumstances. However, destiny has a way of bringing families together, and the upcoming World Cup match is about to do just that. Khan’s wife made the journey to Pakistan in 2021 when Samiya was expecting their first child. Now, Khan is counting down the days until he reunites with his daughter and holds his precious grandchild, Helena, in Ahmedabad.

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

The anticipation leading up to this heartwarming reunion was filled with uncertainty. First, there were concerns about the Pakistan team’s travel to India. Then came the shock when Hasan Ali was initially omitted from the World Cup squad. It was only when Naseem Shah suffered an injury during the Asia Cup that Ali was named as a last-minute replacement, relieving Khan’s anxiety.

A Father’s Unwavering Support

Khan’s unwavering support for his daughter’s decision to marry a Pakistani cricketer is truly inspirational. He recalls the words of the philosopher Rumi, which guided his approach: “Apne dil ki suno, bheed ki nahi” (Listen to your heart, not to the crowd). Khan’s daughter’s happiness and independence were paramount, and he never doubted her choice.

Cricketing Love and Hope for Peace

As a cricket enthusiast, Khan has watched legendary Indian cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, and Mohammed Azharuddin in action. However, he confesses his admiration for none other than Virat Kohli. He jokes, “Mujhe mohabbat hai Virat Kohli se” (I am in love with Virat Kohli). Khan hopes to meet his cricketing idol during the World Cup and even share his regards with Rahul Dravid. Beyond cricket, Khan’s fervent prayer is for improved relations between India and Pakistan. He envisions a future where the two nations live peacefully as brothers.

A Father’s Simple Wish

In closing, Khan expresses a humble wish—to see his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter at his home in Chandeni. He hopes for more cricket series between India and Pakistan, dreaming of the day when Hasan Ali plays in Delhi, allowing him to host his family in India. In the end, it’s a father’s love and a yearning for togetherness that define this heartwarming story amidst the cricketing rivalry.

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