Britney Spears, aged 41, is reportedly deeply unhappy about her father, Jamie Spears, moving in with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, after his stint in rehab. According to a source with close ties to the Spears family, Jamie, aged 71, relocated to Jamie Lynn’s Louisiana residence following his rehab release in July. The insider has revealed that this development has greatly upset the pop star, given the ongoing family turmoil.

“The situation is infuriating Britney on multiple levels,” disclosed the source. “She feels betrayed that her sister is accommodating their father and permitting him to be around her children, especially considering what he put Britney through.”

Additionally, Britney is dismayed that Jamie Lynn is entrusting their father with the care of her own daughters. “It’s hard for her to fathom that Jamie is taking care of Jamie Lynn’s kids, especially when he was partly responsible for the discord between Britney and her two sons,” the insider explained.

Although the two sisters appeared to be reconciling their relationship after a June get-together, the recent rehab stint of their father seems to have strained their bond once more. “Jamie has just come out of rehab but has already resumed drinking, which is a cause of concern for Lynne and Jamie Lynn,” noted the family source. Furthermore, Jamie has been looking after his grandchildren while their mother participated in Dancing with the Stars.

In recent news, Britney garnered attention by posting a video on Instagram in which she danced with knives. “I decided to have some fun in the kitchen with knives today!!! Don’t worry, they’re NOT real knives!!! Halloween is just around the corner!!!” she captioned the video on September 25. Subsequently, numerous celebrities, including comedian Kathy Griffin, responded to the knife video.

Amid her divorce from Sam Asghari, aged 29, Britney seems to be experiencing strained relationships with most of her family members, with tensions escalating due to her father residing at Jamie Lynn’s home.

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