The live-action Snow White film faced its fair share of controversy during production. It all began when Latina actress Rachel Zegler was chosen to portray Snow White, prompting criticism from online voices. The controversy escalated further with the casting of the seven dwarfs, played mainly by tall, “average” actors, drawing backlash even from Jackass’ Wee Man.

Recently, rumors emerged suggesting that Zegler had been let go from the project, but it appears these rumors have been blown out of proportion.

The rumors surrounding Rachel Zegler’s departure stemmed from an update by insider RPK on X, where he discussed her being cast in another project. This led to misconceptions that she would also be replaced in the Disney remake. An article by Disney fan blog InsidetheMagic added fuel to the fire with the headline “Disney Reportedly Fires Rachel Zegler from ‘Snow White’ Live Action.” Furthermore, a TikTok user named Wood & Rustle claimed Zegler was fired due to alleged difficulties working with her and her “vile” personality in interviews.

While Zegler did receive some backlash for describing Snow White as a more modern and independent character, Wood & Rustle’s claims lacked a credible source, leaving them as mere rumors.

Fortunately, Zegler, known for her role in Shazam: Fury of the Gods, is still set to portray “The Fairest of Them All.” Websites like Distractify and Snopes have debunked the exaggerated rumors, clarifying that her involvement in Paddington 3 had nothing to do with her Disney role. Her participation in the Disney movie remains intact, and she even hinted at this on X. With the Disney film having completed filming in July 2022, the notion of her removal from the project at this stage would be both impractical and costly.

In conclusion, fans can look forward to Rachel Zegler’s portrayal of Snow White when the film hits theaters on March 22nd as part of the 2024 movie schedule. The rumors of her departure can be safely dismissed.

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