This week, Drake proclaimed about his music journey and declared that he would go on a hiatus to focus on his health. The rapper made the revelation through his SiriusXM radio show “Table for One” this Friday when he dropped off his new album “For All The Dogs.”

The 36-year-old artist said it is high time he addresses some issues regarding him not feeling well health-wise for years now, more so stomach complications, as they need treatment in general. He added that in life, people should tend to their health first. Other than stating several reasons, like other things outside of music he wants to venture into too,

He jokingly told me he was about to “lock the door in the studio for a little bit” but didn’t disclose its exact duration, giving a hint that it might be approximately one year or could be more.

While talking about his new album, Drake jokingly commented as follows: He would keep things concise and straight. Also playfully stated by him was that the alternate title of the album could possibly be “Please don’t ask me what I feel if you can’t handle the real.”

Drake took a playful jab at his exes, saying that some people understand the worth of all these luxurious things but sometimes don’t understand the value of hard work. He ended on a note where he wished his fans would like his new songs.

He has had a great singing career since teenage times and has released many hit albums in addition to going out on lucrative tours. Presently, he is on tour for “It’s All a Blur,” which ends up in Chicago.

He also ventured into the literary world with his first release of a book containing poetry titled “Title Ruin Everything: A Stream of Consciousness by Aubrey Graham,” using his real name.

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