During a private book event to support Jada Pinkett Smith’s new memoir, “Worthy,” Will Smith paid a heartfelt tribute to her, in which he referred to their marriage as a “messy public experiment in unconditional love.” In his moving speech, deemed by the Baltimore Sun to have been “met with applause and sounds of affirmation,” the actor said just how much he depended on her.

“Not for any reason other than to simply be here with you, just because, like, you have been with me through the many long and sometimes dangerous roads I’ve walked. We call it ‘brutiful’-this blend of brutal and beautiful.” He continued on to describe their connection as a “messy public experiment in unconditional love.”

Smith excitedly said, “I have never been happy in my life. I have completed all my dreams.” The statement has left many people who heard his words overwhelmed that same day at Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Library, where the literary event of Pinkett Smith’s memoir was being held, opening up that the couple, after marrying in 1997, have lived two completely different lives since 2016.

The issues that were running deep under the surface started getting vocal after Smith’s emotional blowout at the 2022 Oscar ceremony. And that was until recent memoirs by Pinkett Smith redefined their love saga. He opens up during an interview with the New York Times, and he confesses that this memoir actually opened his eyes when he said, “Emotional blindness can set in after spending more than half of your life with someone. You can easily lose sight of their hidden qualities and subtle beauty.”

In response to the information, Smith posted an “official statement” in the online world, where he jokingly shows himself sneezing and going about their daily workout routine, which adds a light touch to their “crazy” but nevertheless loving story.

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