Bigg Boss 7: Danger zone contestants saved from eviction? Who is going out this week?

Bigg Boss season 7 is going on in full swing with drama, emotion and quarrels. Out of the 18 contestants, two contestants are out of the game already. Eleven players were nominated for eviction this week of the remaining 16. Maya, Vinusha and Akshaya were said to be in the danger zone.

Now, the hot news is that Vijay Varma has been evicted from Bigg Boss 7 while the three in the danger zone were saved. Yesterday, Vijay Varma was seen attacking Pradeep and Vishnu aggressively during a task and it went viral. Fans condemned his actions. As per some reports, Vijay Varma was given a red card and evicted owing to his actions.

Also, there are some reports that say that there might be a double eviction but it seems unlikely. Vijay Varma is the third contestant to leave the Bigg Boss house this season after Ananya Rao’s eviction and Bava Chellathurai’s exit. We have to wait for the Sunday episode to know more about the eviction process.

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