Taraja Ramsess will be remembered for his roles as a brother, father, and dedicated stuntman. Tragically, he and two of his children lost their lives in a car crash on an Atlanta highway on Halloween night. The 41-year-old Ramsess, along with his daughters Sundari, 13, and 1-month-old Fugibo, collided with a broken-down tractor-trailer near a highway exit, resulting in their immediate passing. Kisasi, 10, Shazia, 3, and a third child survived but are still recovering. Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash.

His mother, Akili Ramsess, expressed her grief on Facebook, highlighting Taraja’s deep love for his children and passion for martial arts and filmmaking. Ramsess explored his artistic talents after relocating to Atlanta during high school, nurtured by his parents’ creative background.

A close cousin, Pharaoh Hardee, introduced Ramsess to the world of television and movies, leading to his involvement in numerous television shows and movies, including significant films such as “Black Panther†and “Avengers: End Game.â€

Ramsess was not only passionate about his career but also devoted to his family. Tony Tucci, a friend and training partner, recalled Ramsess bringing his children to martial arts classes, underlining his commitment to fatherhood.

Hardee urged everyone to value the time spent with their family and to pursue their dreams without regret, highlighting the importance of expressing love and gratitude. He fondly remembered his last conversation with Ramsess, stressing the significance of cherishing moments and expressing affection.

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