Kamal Haasan clarifies whey Pradeep Antony was not given a chance to explain himself during controversial eviction

Pradeep Antony, one of the most promising contestants of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’, was red carded last week by the female contestants including Maya and Poornima. He was accused of being unsafe for women and host Kamal Haasan eliminated Pradeep from the show amidst shock from viewers.

Many netizens were outraged that this was an injustice done to Pradeep by the Maya gang and Kamal has also faced severe backlash on social media for not giving an apportunity to Pradeep to defend himself. It was pointed out that when Pradeep stood up to speak Kamal hastily shut him up and asked him to sit down.

In last night’s weekend episode Kamal made a clarification saying “I think that almost everyone has been asking for an explanation and I feel that just telling is enough as far as I am concerned”.

The legendary actor added ” Questions are being put forward that Pradeep was not given an opportunity to tell his side. I gave Pradeep many chances and whenever he was given a chance, he adapted a different angle saying that what others have done is worse than this without apologizing for his mistake or giving reasons.

The Ulaganayagan concluded “In another place, I thought he would throw dirt on his own head. I stopped him saying enough is enough because I thought he would cut a deep hole for himself saying that this is how I will talk and be like this sir.” It remains to be seen whether the Pradeep Army and the general viewers will accept this clarification from Kamal which was accompanied by the relative footage.

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