Bigg Boss Season 7 is a hot topic on the internet these days. It was reported that there is going to be a double eviction in the house this week. Eight contestants were nominated and they are Maya, Akshaya, Mani, Archana, Raveena, Vichitra, Poornima and Bravo.

Some unofficial reports claimed earlier that Akshaya and Poornima will be evicted. Now, there is a last-minute twist in the tale. Sources have confirmed that Akshaya and Bravo are evicted from Bigg Boss 7 this week. It seems that Poornima was saved from the eviction. This news is now doing rounds on social media.

Meanwhile, Nixen is going to be the captain of the Bigg Boss house in the coming week. Also, Bigg Boss has planned to bring back three previously eliminated contestants as wild card entries. It has been confirmed that Ananya Rao and Vijay Varma are coming back to the house and Vinusha is expected to be the third wild card entry.

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