The Giants’ exceptional raider, Sonu, showcased his immense talent by accumulating an impressive 11 touch points throughout the match.


The Gujarat Giants delivered an electrifying performance, securing a remarkable victory over the Telugu Titans with a score of 38-32 in the inaugural match of the highly anticipated Pro Kabaddi League Season 10. The thrilling encounter took place at EKA Arena by TransStadia on a memorable Saturday.

The Giants’ exceptional raider, Sonu, showcased his immense talent by accumulating an impressive 11 touch points throughout the match. Additionally, his teammate Rakesh contributed significantly to the team’s success, adding 5 touch points to their tally. On the other hand, the Telugu Titans’ esteemed captain, Pawan Sehrawat, made a triumphant return to the Pro Kabaddi League, leaving a lasting impact with a sensational Super 10 performance.

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Rajnish initiated a raid as the Telugu Titans surged ahead with a 4-3 lead in the opening minutes of the match. However, the Giants retaliated and equalized the scores at 5-5 in the 7th minute. In a breathtaking moment, Rakesh executed a magnificent raid, propelling the Giants to a 6-5 lead. Rakesh attempted another raid, but the Titans swiftly tackled him, inching ahead at 8-6 in the 10th minute.

The Telugu Titans’ defensive unit displayed remarkable skill, executing tackles that helped them maintain a lead of 11-7 in the 14th minute. The Giants found themselves with only two defenders in the 15th minute, but the Iranian duo of Fazel Atrachali and Mohammad Nabibakhsh successfully tackled Pawan Sehrawat, keeping their team in the contest at 12-9. Moments later, the Giants once again managed to tackle Sehrawat, leveling the scores at 13-13. However, the Titans displayed resilience and secured a lead of 16-13 by the end of the first half.

Giants’ Sonu executed a remarkable SUPER RAID within the first minute of the second half, propelling the home team to reclaim the lead at 18-16. The Giants continued to display exceptional form, executing an ALL OUT in the 23rd minute, extending their lead to a significant 22-18. Sonu’s raid points continued to accumulate, ensuring the Giants maintained their advantage at 26-19 by the 27th minute.

In the 33rd minute, the Giants managed to reduce the Titans to a solitary player on the mat. However, the Titans’ Robin Chaudhary executed a crucial raid, allowing his team to remain in the contest. Moments later, Sehrawat executed a raid, bringing his team closer to the Giants’ score at 30-28. Nevertheless, Gujarat’s Sourav Gulia skillfully tackled Robin Chaudhary, leading his team to inflict another devastating ALL OUT in the 38th minute.

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