American actress Cameron Diaz, along with her good Charlotte husband Benji Madden, live together but are proponents of ‘Sleep Divorce.’ During her Lipstick on the Rim podcast guest, she admitted that she totally believes in ‘Sleep Divorce,’ wherein couples decide to sleep in separate beds even though they’re in the same house.

The actress emphasized the importance of normalizing separate bedrooms and proposed the idea of having individual sleeping spaces within the same household. Though she doesn’t follow this strictly as per the arrangement with Madden, she highlighted different sleep schedules and made use of a separate room for intimacy.

Diaz’s comments follow those of actress Dakota Johnson, who shared information about different sleeping habits and how she prefers to rest in a recent interview. Other figures, like Whoopi Goldberg, have spoken out about their preferences against living with someone else, while supermodel Linda Evangelista similarly said she wished for personal space.

Though not everyone may take the same sleeping arrangement, Diaz’s point of view in respecting someone else’s personal space may only provide a different approach.

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