Archana and Vichithra indirectly attack each other in Bigg Boss Season 7 - Viral video

VJ Archana and Vichithra were the faces of the resistance group in Bigg Boss 7 when Maya and Poornima’s bully gang rose after Pradeep’s red card eviction. The people in the resistance team were united for a few weeks but it seems that they are at the necks of each other now.

In a viral video yesterday, Archana and Vichithra were indirectly attacking each other. Archana goes on to accuse Vichithra of being camera-conscious even after 60 days of the game and she builds a conversation with the other housemates just to convey her comments to the audience. She added that Vichithra can’t take it and calls others names when criticised and she talks back at others but doesn’t let others do so.

Vichithra calmly pointed out Archana’s flaws like losing her temper, holding a grudge against others and using disrespectful words. She also hinted about Archana’s smoking habit during this segment. The video of this conversation is now doing rounds on the internet. It seems that Archana and Vichithra’s friendship in Bigg Boss has ended.

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