Vishal and Arya pays their last respects to Captain Vijayakanth at his memorial!

Puratchi Thalapathy Vishal was in America for vacation during Captain Vijayakanth’s demise. The legendary actor passed away on 28 December 2023. Vishal shared an emotional video in which he broke down in tears after hearing about Captain’s death news.

Now, Vishal is back in Chennai. He visited Captain Vijayakanth’s memorial in Koyambedu today along with actor Arya who is his close friend. The two paid their respects and served food to the people at the veteran’s memorial. They addressed the media aftermath. The photos and videos of the same are doing rounds on social media.

Vishal said, “Vijayakanth is a good-hearted man. A good and Courageous politician. People consider a person a god after their death. But Captain was hailed as a god when he was alive. Poor people are always served free food in Vijayakanth’s office. One can do it for a day or two but Vijayakanth did it every day. Vijayakanth was the only actor who treated everyone equally.

I don’t know if they will Bharat Ratna to Captain Vijayakanth or not but all Indian people paid heartfelt tributes when he passed away. A memorial meeting will be held on January 19th by the Nadigar Sangam to mourn Vijayakanth’s death. We will definitely name the Nadigar Sangam building after Vijayakanth. No one would have any disagreement in naming it after him. Soon there will be an announcement regarding this.â€


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