Jonathan Majors spoke for the first time since his conviction, engaging in a candid conversation with ABC News’ Linsey Davis on “Good Morning America.†Majors expressed shock and fear after being found guilty of reckless assault and harassment charges, stemming from a domestic dispute with ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

The actor strongly maintained his innocence, denying causing the injuries Jabbari claimed, including a fractured finger and a cut behind her ear. Majors admitted recklessness with her heart but emphasized that he hadn’t been reckless with her physically.

He addressed a surveillance video showing Jabbari chasing him down a street during their altercation, highlighting the racial biases such a scenario could have triggered. Majors also defended statements he made referencing historical figures, stating they were meant as analogies of aspiration.

Taking partial responsibility, Majors acknowledged errors in the situation but declined accountability for Jabbari’s injuries, intending to appeal his conviction.

However, an attorney for Jabbari accused Majors of avoiding responsibility and displaying a lack of remorse. The aftermath of the case cost Majors his role as Kang in the upcoming Marvel project, “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.”

Despite the setback, Majors expressed hope for future Hollywood opportunities, attributing it to divine timing. Facing potential jail time, he could serve up to a year for assault and a maximum of 15 days plus a $250 fine for harassment.

Scheduled for sentencing on February 6, Majors awaits the court’s decision while expressing faith in his professional comeback.

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