Just as the shooting of Thalapathy Vijay’s much-awaited movie “G.O.A.T,” helmed by Venkat Prabhu, is going on in full swing, speculations over more top stars joining it are doing the rounds. The latest one to have triggered the rumour mill is actor Jai, who shared an Instagram story with a still of Vijay and kept his followers guessing.

Jai acted as the younger brother of Vijay in the blockbuster “Bhagavati,” and with this post, fans are curious about whether he plays any role in “G.O.A.T.”

As an added advantage, Jai has previously collaborated with Venkat Prabhu in quite a few hit films, such as “Chennai 28,” “Saroja,” “Goa,” “Biryani,” “Mass engira Masilamani,” and “Party.” So this existing relationship between them enhances the possibility of his presence in “G.O.A.T,” even if he plays a smaller role.

However, it needs to be mentioned that Jai’s name hasn’t yet popped up in the official cast announcement of “G.O.A.T.” Therefore, until and unless there is a formal confirmation, wild fan theories and speculation are going to continue ruling over social media.

Fans who relished their on-screen chemistry in “Bhagavati” would go bonkers for sure if Jai was able to feature, even in a very limited role. Jai’s instagram story evokes the fans’ interest, opening up room for varied character interaction and adrenaline-pumping action sequences.

Time will tell only if Jai officially comes aboard the “G.O.A.T” cast, but his Instagram post has certainly set fans’ imaginations on fire and added yet another layer of intrigue to the overly-anticipated film. Until then, speculation and excitement are sure to simmer as eagerly as production continues its filmmaking journey.

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