The release of the much-anticipated film ‘Thangalan,’ starring Vikram and directed by Pa Ranjith, has faced multiple rescheduling challenges. Initially suggested for a Pongal release, it was later rumored to hit screens on January 26.

However, due to pending post-production work, especially in the realm of VFX, the release date has been pushed further. Although the shooting wrapped up several months ago, intricate post-production processes, including graphics work, demand more time for meticulous execution.

The current buzz hints at a delayed release during the summer holidays, possibly in April or May. The film boasts a stellar cast, including Vikram, Pashupati, Malavika Mohanan, and Parvathy, with GV Prakash handling the music composition. Jointly produced by Studio Green and Neelam Productions, the delay is seen as a necessary step to ensure the film’s visual excellence and overall quality. Fans eagerly await the official release announcement as the filmmakers strive to deliver a cinematic masterpiece.

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