Actor Vishal showed outstanding professionalism in giving due respect to the production team of his late colleague Captain Vijayakanth and the production team who turned up for the film “Ratnam.”.

On his return from abroad, Vishal first went to the place where the memorial of Captain Vijayakanth is located and paid homage to the departed cine actor turned politician who breathed his last in August 2021. And on assuming office again, he paid a visit to Vijayakanth’s family to offer condolences at their residence in person, signifying his deep respect and consideration for their feelings in their time of bereavement.

It would be evidence of Vishal’s commitment that very night. Director Hari was on a shooting spree with his movie “Ratnam” and had some schedule issues, owing to which one whole-day shoot was left out of three days. Realizing the possible financial burden on production due to the lapse, Vishal conceded, adjusted his schedule, and even prepared to extend his working hours.

With such dedication from Vishal and cooperation from the entire team, the remaining shots were completed in two days rather than the planned three days. This prompt action not only saved the project in time but also saved the production almost 30 lakhs for the extra day of shooting.

Fans and professionals alike have heralded Vishal’s actions. While his gesture by leaving a word paying respect to Captain Vijayakanth shows the kindness and sense of belongingness for the community he represents, his commitment by completing shooting for “Ratnam” shows his take on professionalism and work ethics. This incident, therefore, gives a heartwarming example as to how compassion and dedication have to go hand-in-hand even in the world of cinema.

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