Zee5, the largest video streaming platform in India, brings to its viewers the high-impact docuseries “Koosa Munisamy Veerappan,” exclusively streaming on their platform. The remarkable series sets the ambitious and unprecedented record of more than 100 million viewing minutes across episodes, making it a milestone in Tamil documentary history.

It delves deeper into the life of one of India’s most infamous forest brigands, Koosa Munisamy Veerappan. Fans and critics have hailed it as the best documentary to ever come out in Tamil.

Utilizing an array of sources—Veerappan’s own confession videos, testimonies from members of his circle, and unheard insights from the forces that hunted him down—the series is a mosaic of his life. Effectively, the viewer becomes an eyewitness to the riveting opus called Veerappan.

For the most part, “Koosa Munisamy Veerappan” uses Veerappan’s own words to narrate. This is his life story, and this makes it truly unique amongst all the remaining documentaries on him. Nobody else in history has ever let so much remain intact in their documentary, and this unconventional method proved valuable as many previously undocumented facts came to light.

Zee5 had also organized a special event at Urban Square to mark the gargantuan response that the series has been gathering. The people were invited to colour a line drawing of Veerappan and share their views about it. This interactive engagement revealed the several perspectives revolving around this controversial personality and yet again re-established the highlight of the series.

“Koosa Munisamy Veerappan” was produced under Theeran Productions and released on Zee5 on December 8th, reaching popularity across the length and breadth of India.

Zee5 has also tagged the name of the series by giving it a unique discount coupon code, i.e., “ZEE5 100,” and the users can enjoy Rs. 100 off. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of “Koosa Munisamy Veerappan” and find out what kind of history has been left behind by this person, steeped in legends and hopes.

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