A 33-year-old man, David Crowe, hailing from Seattle, has been arrested twice in three days for stalking Taylor Swift outside her Manhattan residence, according to the police. Crowe faces charges of two counts of harassment and two counts of stalking. The first arrest occurred over the weekend when security personnel reported Crowe attempting to enter Swift’s residence. Further checks revealed two outstanding arrest warrants from 2017, unrelated to the stalking incident.

Initially arrested for the outstanding warrants, Crowe was released without charges for attempting to enter Swift’s residence. However, on Monday around 6 p.m., Crowe returned to the singer’s building, displaying erratic behavior. A neighbor and a member of Swift’s security team called 911, leading to Crowe’s second arrest.

The Manhattan district attorney’s spokesman stated that Crowe’s arraignment on stalking and harassment charges is pending. As of now, it remains unclear if Swift was present during the incidents. The pop star has not addressed the situation on social media, and her publicist has not responded to requests for comments.

Swift, currently nominated for several Grammy Awards, including best record, best pop solo performance, best pop vocal album, and album of the year, attended a playoff football game in New York on Sunday. The singer was named Time magazine’s person of the year in December 2023.

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