Proficient Hip Hop artist Leezy offers fans an easy rap track to connect and escape into, skillfully bridging the gap. Leaving the listeners jaw-dropped.

San Antonio, Texas Feb 7, 2024 (  – Featuring the music from the soul and spirit, fusing the instrumental purity with the spoken reflections and honesty, over the exceptionally ambient, spectacular soundtracks, from the opening moments the music tracks bear the heartwarming production and intentions ability of the musician. Born in Inglewood California and raised in Leake/Scott County Mississippi, Leezy has always had an intense love and passion for music from all regions and coasts. Perfectly arranged, melodic, and atmospheric music scapes such as ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Everyday’ features soulful verses and colorful, refreshing production, the classic beat gets a revamp with long-form melodies and a brief switch to fast-paced production for that faultless musician’s identity.

Artists like 8-Ball & MJG, UGK, Cash Money, Triple 6 Mafia, B.I.G., Snoop, Scarface, and 2-Pac were among some of his early influences. These days, Lil-Wayne, J-Cole, Benny The Butcher, Jay-Z, T.I., Drake, Kendrick, Nipsey, Mozzy and countless others inspire and motivate him to create quality music. While serving in the Military he connected with artist Dealin Dubbs and eventually formed the Round TableUnion. Great music mixed with energetic performances quickly set them apart from their peers and helped create a loyal fanbase. They would go on to perform at numerous local clubs and venues and eventually win the Famecast showcase in Austin TX.

Always focusing on lyricism and wordplay Leezy takes no shortcuts when writing and creating music. With a smooth delivery, sound, and flow, his music breaks through any coastal barriers. Southern-influenced with a mixture of Mid-West and West Coast flavors. Blending genres with subtlety and confidence, lighting up the space and seeking to make you smile and offers a sudden escapism from the real world. Several other tracks like ‘No Dayz Off’, ‘We Straight’, and ‘S.R.S.’ have managed to garner the attention of music enthusiasts across the world. All of the majestic traps are available on Spotify. Follow the musician on Instagram if you do not want to miss out on any latest updates.

Visit to listen to these songs ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Everyday’ by Leezy:

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