Thalapathy Vijay has made headlines after entering politics recently with his political party, Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam. However, the party name was slightly changed.

Although Vijay’s political plans have been an open secret for years, it was his extensive welfare work that confirmed his plunge into politics. And now Vijay has officially announced his political debut by unveiling a party named Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam.

In an interesting revelation, Vijay clarified that he is not contesting the parliamentary elections in 2024, and his party is being prepared for 2026. He wants to return to the film industry with ‘Thalapathy 69’ before getting into active politics. He plans to get his party established in the state over the next two years.

Vijay, known for his humility, has taken the comments in the same spirit and decided to rectify a typo in the name of his party. He has announced the name of his political party as ‘Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam’, and further details are expected.

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