Anirudh and CSK all-rounder Jadeja’s latest photo started going viral on the internet, and curiosity started to rumble among the netizens. Different assumptions came from the fans about this picture that is being made.

The series has just started as if in a run-through for the IPL, with the first match at the Chepakkam stadium in Chennai, in which the CSK won against the Bengaluru team. The team is sitting in the heart of Chennai, getting ready for the impending clash with the Gujarat team on the 26th. A simple glance at his Instagram post gives lots of space for speculation. Will Anirudh be composing some special anthems for the team under Chennai? Or was it just another promotional photo shoot? The exact reason has a veil of secrecy on it, but Anirudh kept his fans on tenterhooks.

It is now undoubtedly true that the enigma behind the picture has let many minds of fans wander, who are now expectant since it can only be a wait for the extraordinary when Anirudh and Jadeja come together.

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