In another recent interview, actor and politician Sarathkumar said he wanted to nominate his wife, Raadhika Sarathkumar, for a parliamentary seat, equating the roles for which he played in the film “Suryavamsam.” Sarathkumar has led the All India Samathuva makkal Party for over 15 years but has recently merged it with the BJP. BJP has guaranteed his wife, the actor Radhika, a ticket to contest the elections from Virudhunagar.

In an interaction with the media post next to Radhika, Sarathkumar said that whether he or his wife is contesting, it only shows on one hand that he or she is sharing personal life with their respective political work. He further said how important this ‘women’s representation’ is, giving an example: “If there is 33% reservation for women in politics”,.

Once elected, Radhika pledged to fully support the Prime Minister’s governance initiatives for the Tamil Nadu people, focusing on their fundamental needs. Sarathkumar nominated his wife, literally extending their collaborative politics and governance.

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