Platform is an intelligent data-driven SaaS platform for providers and patients. launches its AI platform for healthcare designed to transform post-surgical care and many other digital health services. With an estimated 70 million+ surgeries performed in India each year and growing, our vision is to ensure that every patient and hospital experiences a seamless and efficient recovery process. Our AI-trained nurse Flora, Intelligent Discharge Plan, and a suite of comprehensive tools aim to provide hyper-personalised care, bridging the gap between hospital to home care. It’s a step towards a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and personal than ever before.

Priyam Parikh, the CEO of based out of Menlo Park, California, says he is excited to bring the product to India. According to Mr. Parikh; “Data is the foundation of the global economy that will be led by AI. One of the biggest beneficiaries of data & AI is healthcare, which has been an extremely complex and closed ecosystem. Data & AI will play a critical role in unlocking this opportunity to solve for major gaps and needs in healthcare. This is one of the biggest economic transformations estimated at $1.6T. myBenefits has built foundations of a platform to capture, present, and use data with AI in the global healthcare space with the ability to use data in real-time for providers, patients, payers and potential use for medical research., a first-of-its-kind and patent pending, Discharge Radar (DR) and nurse Flora will enhance productivity for providers and improve care delivery without sacrificing control over patients. The myBenefits Platform builds AI and hyper personalised models to create Intelligent Plans (IDPs) for personalised patient care, while also tracking in a smart radar system to monitor patient health and adjust plans as needed into the provider platform. platform can be incorporated into any and all hospitals in the world to improve the patient care through a Patent-Pending process, delivered via Cloud and Web platform.

Currently, is deployed in the United States; Rohan Walvekar, M.D., a Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist in New Orleans, Louisiana and advisor to says, “A vital component of excellent surgical outcomes is optimal postoperative care. DischargePlus is a game-changer from a surgeon’s perspective because it provides real-time patient well-being data to the care team facilitating early interventions that could prevent complications or potentially save lives.”

Dr. Kaushal Anand, Gastroenterologist Oncologist of Shailya Hospital in Ahmedabad describes “ is a game-changing innovation in healthcare. It provides an interactive platform that supports both healthcare providers and patients. By focusing on personalised care and continuous monitoring through Artificial Intelligence, we guarantee top-notch care for every patient discharged in India. Shailya Hospital is proud to lead the way in introducing this groundbreaking service in India.”

Dr Janak Desai of Samved Hospital believes the future of AI in healthcare will enhance patient care with DischargePlus copilot, he says “AI is entering the medical field faster than we thought & it will not replace doctors but not embracing it may decrease the strength of doctors/hospitals.”

At Metro ENT Surgical Hospital, Mumbai Dr. Amit Sheth says “The foundation of ‘discharge plus’ is based on a human approach and it lives up to the expectations, making life simple for the doctor and comfortable for the patient”.

Krishi Patel, a Healthcare Specialist at and a recent graduate of Rutgers University, believes that the Indian healthcare market is poised for a digital transformation. Krishi believes provides a much-needed solution in India. By digitising and standardising health services in both urban and rural areas, it aims to alleviate stress.

Daxeel Soni CTO at mybenefits.a says that his focus is on digital innovation of the Indian healthcare sector, through the integration of personalised AI models in our products. We aim to improve personalised patient care with precision leveraging AI technology for postoperative care, preoperative care, preventive care, and many more digital health services.

About Platform is an intelligent data-driven SaaS platform for providers and patients. It empowers providers by bringing the best care process while improving patient care and reducing the burden on the healthcare system. For more information, visit www.mybenefits.

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