Billie Eilish is calling out the superfluous packaging and questionable sales tactics in the music business.

During a recent conversation with Billboard, the pop superstar really honed in on certain unnamed “big artists” with practices where they manufacture numerous vinyl variants, along with elaborate packaging, just to boost up their sales numbers and revenue.

Eilish vented out her frustrations: “We live in this modern day where, for some reason, it’s, like, very necessary for some artists to make all kinds of different vinyl and packaging… “It’s right in front of our faces, and people are just getting away with it left and right.” She also pointed out her own efforts to be sustainable within her team and criticized the wastefulness of the industry.

She explained her concern in some detail about the pressure this brings to artists about achieving high sales figures, even at the expense of environmental impacts. The star took to social media to lament the focus on profit margins over sustainability, as was manifested by some of the most prominent faces in the music world.

That said, as she released her very own “Happier Than Ever” on multi-colored vinyl, Eilish did try to pay attention to the environment. Eilish completely made the black versions of her vinyl editions from 100% recycled material, and even the colored options use recycled resources in their manufacturing.

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