Recently, Vistara Airlines set social media on fire when a user, Ritesh Banglani, shared a snap of a Vistara brochure mentioning their 20th position in the world for in-flight entertainment. And the caption that followed was humorous, celebrating a 20th position.

The reactions after accumulating over 65.2K views following the posting of the image remain tremendous, and the sentiments of the netizens were varied. Some agreed with the feeling in the caption, while others felt Vistara was getting it right.

Another user, commenting on the honesty of Vistara in acknowledging it, suggested that the rest could be juggled to show a good picture. In fact, the other one feels that securing a 20th rank in some fields, like the IIT JEE exam, would be a remarkable feat to boast of.

Others were quick to join in, happy that they were the 20th best in their domains, while some had a different opinion and agreed to the difficulties Vistara faces in competing and matching with the world’s highly rated airlines, while some said that being 20th in the sheer number of airlines across the globe is great, if not quite impressive.

Briefly, the Vistara brochure very soon turned into a heated online debate, underscoring very opposite points of view on this important event of reaching 20th position in the world of in-flight entertainment.

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