Adorable moments of Vijay and students from TVKs felicitation ceremony! - Full video

Thalapathy Vijay is hosting a felicitation ceremony today for students who have excelled in the 10th and 12th class general examinations just like he did last year. The program commenced at 9 am, with Vijay addressing the students collectively before individually recognizing each student and presenting them with certificates and gifts.

Vijay was seated alongside Chinnadurai, a survivor of a caste-based attack in 2023, who scored 469 marks out of 600 in this year’s class 12 exams. A photograph of them together garnered significant attention online. Additionally, there were several heartwarming moments where students asked Vijay to strike various cute poses while taking photos with him.

Another girl requested Vijay to adorn her parents with a shawl and the actor immediately fulfilled it on the stage. Then, Vijay got permission from the guests before heading for a quick lunch. He said, “Did you all eat? Give me 5 minutes. I’ll be back after having a quick lunch.” The photos and videos of these moments are ruling social media today.

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