Robert Pattinson has revealed his choice of movie characters is driven by a fear—the fear of humiliation. Speaking to comedian Jordan Firstman in an Interview magazine interview, the actor was asked if he’s ever disliked a project.

He explained that since the first moment when he thinks about whether or not he should take up a role, it’s because of thinking about how he couldn’t commit and deliver. He admitted, “I fear humiliation badly. Also, you know it’s going to be on you. You can blame bad writing or direction, but no one cares. You’re going to get judged as being inadequate for trying your best.”

The Twilight star has been open to professional anxiety and how Hollywood continues to expect one’s plate to always be full. In a 2020 GQ interview, he said he loved small films yet worried over their visibility and economic feasibility.

Year after year, Pattinson contemplates his role within Hollywood and society. Having achieved what he did within the industry, he would often worry that he’d spend his life unemployed, feeling like a failure.

Despite all this anxiety, Pattinson has become a Hollywood star, starring in indie flicks such as The Lighthouse, Tenet, and Damsel, among others, and becoming Batman for Matt Reeves’ picture set to release in 2022.

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