It is known that actress Raveena Daha and dance choreographer Mani Chandra were very close even before they entered ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’. The rumoured couple used to post their intimate pics and videos on their frequent outings in India and abroad on social media.

However though they practice PDA in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house they have confused their co-contestants by sometimes acknowledging their relationships and other times using the “We are best friends” line. But both the celebrities and viewers strongly feel they are lovers by their on screen behaviour.

Their recent such interaction has gone viral on the internet shows Mani insisting to Raveena to have food with him as he is very hungry. When she replies “Two Minutes” her alleged lover says “I am going to wait for two years wont I wait just two minutes”. Raveena is seen blushing hearing that and they started a cute friendly banter.

Another video clip shows Mani Chandra telling Raveena that this is the “Thala Diwali” for them. The young actress retorts “Thala Diwali is only for married couples and for others its just plain Diwali”. A persistant Mani gets highly romantic and tells his alleged girlfriend “That is for those who follow rules and we dont so this is definitely our Thala Diwali”.

Viewers are commenting that these two are a cute couple and unlike Nixen and Aishu their behaviour is not out of bounds and only shows their love for each other. Predictions are being made on social media that Raveena and Mani will go out as best lovers by the end of the season and may tie the knot soon after that.

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2yrs wait panran, 2min wait panamatanah #biggbosstamil7 #BiggBossTamil7 #BiggBoss7Tamil

— BBTamilVideos (@BBTamilVideos) November 13, 2023

#Mani : Namakku Thala Deepavali#Raveena: Marriage ana tan thala deepavali
Mani: adellaam rules follow panravangalukku..#BiggBossTamil7 #BiggBossTamil

— BBTamilVideos (@BBTamilVideos) November 13, 2023

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