Demonte Colony chills return, and at last! After years of anxious waiting, finally the spooky sequel to 2015’s horror hit drops its trailer. Penned and helmed by Ajay R. Gnanamuthu, the film promises to be a chilling sojourn back through the haunted streets of Chennai’s Demonte Colony.

Starring Arulnithi and Priya Bhavanishankar, the film features a mixed international and local cast. Gnanamuthu Pattarai and White Nights Entertainment produce the film, with haunting music by Sam CS and the eerie cinematography being held under Harish Kannan.

The trailer ventures back in time, visiting the defining moment of the first film. Arulnithi, now a ghost unaware of him, is tortured by the Demonte Colony, veiling mysteries. The sequel takes off with minimal effort when Priya Bhavanishankar appears as a redeemer as she resolves to rid him of his ghostly entrapment.

The stunning visuals, chilling sound effects, and captivating performances weave through the trailer. Horror, mystery, and action collide, promising a thrilling ride for genre fans. Mark your calendars: Demonte Colony 2 is chilling its way into theatres soon!

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