Taking a Sunday break and writing herself to connect with her fans through an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram was the ever-magic actress. Dished out wisdom and surprises Samantha Ruth Prabhu among selfies and inspirational quotes.

One fan lamented about the year, and Samantha responded with a heartfelt ‘I feel you’ reminding all that the journey of life is full of twists and turns. On asking about self-belief, she emphasized, “Some good, some bad, but that is what makes you uniquely you.”

Faith, as well, was a theme that came out. A simple “Yes, I do” answered the question of whether they believe in miracles. Like, a reminder to be their priority got a resounding “Yasssss!” with a heart emoji, a message for all.

For the future, good health topped Samantha’s wish list for 2016. Marriage? Not likely, she quipped with a laugh, citing statistics and divorce rates. This honest reply sent shockwaves through her fan base.

But Samantha is not all about introspection. Recently, she unveiled her production house, Tralala Moving Pictures, which may be an apparent effort to nourish different stories in a way that they fulfill their role in society. So perhaps passionate and zealous about making films too!

On the acting front, Samantha was last seen in Kushi and is all set for some interesting projects as well, including the India chapter of Citadel alongside Varun Dhawan. But she had fastened to that also some much-needed break, exhibiting her utmost dedication to personal well-being.

Samantha’s Sunday session was not just a Q&A; it was a look into her values, into her dreams, and into her unfiltered self. And that’s what makes it so relatable and inspiring.

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