Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were caught cuddling it up together as they danced to Drake’s music during the rapper’s ‘It’s All a Blur’ tour stop in Los Angeles. The pair looked like they were having a great time dancing to Drake tunes as they goofed around side-by-side. Bad Bunny was wearing his beige jacket with leather pants, green hat and sunglasses while Kendall opted for more of a glam look in black top and leather pants.

They were seen sharing a rare moment of affection, where they embraced each other and smiled at each other. Their playful interaction was also captured by fans as they danced together while enjoying the show. Kim Kardashian joined the couple at the concert, making it another fun night out for Kendall and Bad Bunny’s reality star sisters.

In the last few months of summer, Kendall and Bad Bunny have been spotted on several date nights that further indicate their growing connection. They were seen on a romantic vacation in Idaho with reportedly very much in love. Despite not confirming their relationship publicly, their outings together have accumulated rumours about them dating romantically.

They started their relationship with an alleged double date involving Justin and Hailey Bieber back in February. Since then, they have been closer than ever, sources said, adding that Bad Bunny is nothing like Kendall’s previous relationships and that she is having fun with this one.

Though they haven’t publicly confirmed the romance yet online, the pair couldn’t be more obvious about their relationship as the two look lovey dovey on their dates. From Coachella to Drake’s concert last week, Kendall and Bad Bunny seem to be connecting so strongly that it can’t go unnoticed by fans.

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