The ongoing Cricket World Cup 2023 has been marked not only by exceptional batting and bowling performances but also by a remarkable tradition that has quickly gained popularity in the Indian dressing room. The introduction of the “Best Fielder Medal” by the Team India fielding coach, T Dilip, has taken both players and fans by storm.

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Celebrating Excellence in Fielding

In each of India’s matches during the tournament, the Best Fielder Medal has been awarded to the standout fielder of the game. This initiative, which began as a tradition in the first game of the World Cup, has now become a much-anticipated event after every match, with Team India players celebrating the medal victory enthusiastically.

Innovative Ways of Awarding the Medal

Fielding coach T Dilip has been creative in his approach to awarding the Best Fielder Medal. In one instance, he asked the broadcasting team to showcase Ravindra Jadeja on the giant screen as the Best Fielder of the match, while in another, the spider-cam delivered a photo of Shreyas Iyer along with the coveted medal.

The Motive Behind the Best Fielder Medal

A BCCI official has provided insights into the motive behind this innovative tradition. According to InsideSport, the Best Fielder Medal was introduced to enhance competitiveness among the players and motivate them to elevate their fielding standards. The team management aimed to instil a sense of competition among players following a recent series against Australia, where the team’s fielding performance left much to be desired.

Players Eager to Win the Medal

The introduction of the Best Fielder Medal has undeniably achieved its intended goal. Players, including star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja and fielding sensation Shreyas Iyer, have been seen signalling their desire to win the medal after their exceptional fielding efforts. The medal serves as a symbol of excellence and has become a coveted prize among Indian cricketers.

A Fresh and Exciting Tradition

Unlike the previous practice of verbal commendations by the coaching staff, the Best Fielder Medal is a fresh and exciting idea that has garnered significant attention. T Dilip, the fielding coach, has added colour to the medal presentation with innovative announcements, creating an element of surprise and excitement for both players and fans.

Recognizing Outstanding Plays

Despite a few lapses in catching, the Indian team has showcased outstanding ground fielding, raising the bar for fielding standards in the tournament. Moments like Shreyas Iyer’s spectacular diving catch to dismiss Devon Conway have further emphasized the importance of fielding in cricket.

Unbeaten India Leads the Points Table

As Team India continues its stellar run in the World Cup 2023, they not only lead the points table but are the only unbeaten team in the tournament, with five wins in five games. The introduction of the Best Fielder Medal has undoubtedly contributed to their exceptional performance and team spirit.

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